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Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome

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Computer Vision Syndrome with our Richardson Optometrist

The days when computers were mostly for work are long gone. Now, one can easily take care of all entertainment needs while sitting in front of the screen as well. If being at a desk is too confining, both work and play can be done using a smartphone, too. While this is extremely convenient, it has some drawbacks to health. One of these is computers vision syndrome. Here is some information about this condition from Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Several symptoms need to be present at once for a diagnosis of computer vision syndrome. Common ones include eye strain, sticky eyes, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

What Causes this Condition?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) believes that several factors may contribute to the development of computer vision syndrome. These include glare on the screen, uncorrected vision problems, incorrect viewing distances, improper seating posture, and poor lighting. Viewing angles, screen quality, brightness settings, and other factors also combine to make it physically harder to read a screen than a book or newspaper.

How Can Symptoms be Reduced or Eliminated?

The most obvious solution is to limit screen time. However, most people choose to look for other solutions, especially if their job involves working on a computer. Therefore, the first practical step is to schedule an eye exam.

At the exam, the doctor of optometry will ask about your symptoms and medical history. Then, your eyes will be examined with a special emphasis on how well you see at typical screen distances. If the results show that you have trouble with your visual acuity at these ranges, you'll get a prescription that will help you see your screens better. You may also get eye drops to help with symptoms like dry or irritated eyes.

Schedule an Eye Exam At Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX!

To be checked for computer vision syndrome and get the eye care you need, just call us here at Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX. We'll be glad to help your eyes keep up with the demands of the digital age. Call us at 972-231-3439.

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