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How To Prepare For An Eye Exam

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Preparing For Eye Exams With Richardson Eye Associates In Richardson, TX

Ensuring your eyes are in good health means having regular eye exams. But if you haven't gotten your eyes checked in a while, or if you are about to visit a new optometrist in Richardson, you might wonder how the exam structure has changed and what you might need to bring with you. You do need to do some preparation in advance, but once you're actually in the patient's chair at Richardson Eye Associates, the process is very simple.

Before the Appointment

A few days before the appointment, do a mini-review of how your eyes have been over the past few years. You want to start a bit early with this because once you start collecting details, you'll remember more as the days go by. Think about whether your eyesight is worse now or about the same as it was the last time you had your eyes checked. Have you had any repeated problems, like inexplicably feeling like something is in your eye? Have you noticed more watering or any fatigue?

Also review your eye care routine for your glasses or contacts, if you have those. Are you wearing your glasses less because you're annoyed with how little they've been helping, or has everything been just fine?

Gather what records you can. If you have a copy of your old prescription, even if it's from years ago, bring that with you to the appointment along with your glasses or contacts. If you're seeing a completely new optometrist, bring a short family eye health history. For example, if you've got close relatives with presbyopia, let the optometrist know.

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If you're still looking around for an optometrist, contact Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX. We offer comprehensive eye exams that check out every aspect of your eyesight, and we offer glasses and contact lens fittings, too. Call us at 972-231-3439 to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

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