Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams From Richardson Eye Associates

If you have a child, taking care of their medical needs is an important task that needs to be conducted when the need arises. Caring for your child's vision is as important as other parts of the body. Making an appointment for eye exams at Richardson Eye Associates to meet with our optometrist is necessary to keep track of your child's eye health and vision changes as they grow. Here is some information about pediatric eye exams so you know what to expect when your child meets with our eye doctor.

Kids wearing glassesThe Importance of Routine Eye Exams

It is very important to bring your child to see our optometrist at least once a year once they hit the toddler age. If you do not bring your child to our eye doctor regularly, their vision could change dramatically between visits. This could cause a variety of problems such as blurred vision, headaches, or poor grades in school because of the difficulty in seeing properly. Our eye doctor will take a look at your child's eyes to determine if they are suffering from a medical condition that requires intervention as well. This ensures treatment is given promptly and further problems could be stopped from occurring if the condition is caught in a timely manner.

Preparing Your Child For The Exam

Let your child know they will be seeing our eye doctor for an eye exam before the appointment arises. This will give you adequate time to answer any questions about the process so your child is not anxious when it comes to the appointment day. If desired, stop by our practice to let your child look around and to meet the staff members before their appointment. This could take away some of the fear children often have when they know they will be seeing a practitioner in the near future.

Gather The Necessary Documents

If your child is of school age, and their vision had been tested in school, ask the school nurse for a copy of the test results to bring along to the appointment. This will be a helpful starting point in determining your child's visionary needs so they are met as needed. If you are using optical insurance, give a call to your provider to make sure our practice participates in the plan you use. Alternately, call our office and we will check on the insurance for you. 

Call Richardson Eye Associates Today To Schedule a Pediatric Eye Exam

Contacting Richardson Eye Associates to make an appointment for your child to meet with our optometrist is the first step in maintaining eye health and correcting vision when necessary. Call our eye doctor today to schedule a session for your child's eye exam at 972-231-3439.

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