Blurry Vision? You Might Have an Astigmatism

Do you have blurry vision?  If you do, there's a good chance that you have astigmatism.  To most people that might sound like you have some kind of dreaded disease, but it's not.  Astigmatism is simply an irregularly shaped cornea, one of the most important parts of your eye.  You can think of it as being like nearsightedness or farsightedness.  It's simply a refractive error in the lens of your eye, a problem that can be easily solved with glasses. If you need eye care or diagnosis Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, is the place for you!


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Astigmatism is a very common malformation of the eye's cornea.  It can occur at any stage of life, and for a lot of different reasons.  Regardless of when you develop one, you should see an eye care specialist (like from Richardson Eye Associates) as soon as possible.  This is important so that you can get relief as quickly as possible and experience as a little inconvenience as possible.  Astigmatism is not something that can threaten your health, but it is something that can not only be treated easily but when treated it can eliminate nagging fuzzy vision, which can be a constant irritation.

The key to getting relief from astigmatism is an educated and experienced eye care professional, one that is trained to deal with this type of problem.  Such is the case of Dr. Henry F. Krauss, Jr. and Dr. Scott A. Harris, both of which have extensive experience treating all sorts of eye problems.  Further, both doctors have experience treating eye problems with specialized eye testing methods as well as fitting eyeglasses.

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It doesn't take much more than just a quick review of the services offered by Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, to find that regardless of your needs, chances are good that the doctors here can help you.  Our eye care professionals have treated hundreds of patients over the years with just about every type of eye condition there is.  Not only that, but both doctors have contributed extensively to the body of knowledge about optometry in their efforts to help others who might benefit from their work.  

Are you concerned that you might have an eye problem?  If so, Richardson Eye Associates will work with you to provide a solution to your eye problems, including astigmatism.  Why not come in today to see how we might be of help for all of your eye care needs?  If you are in the Richardson area, call 972-231-3449 to schedule your appointment today!


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