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No Line Lenses at Richardson Eye Associates

Bifocals have been helping people see clearly at more than one distance level since the days of Benjamin Franklin, who created them so that he could stop carrying multiple pairs of glasses around. Traditional bifocals have certain disadvantages, including a sharp line that marks the end of one corrective field and the beginning of another. If you prefer a more natural corrective vision experience for your presbyopia, the no line bifocals that we offer here at Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, could be exactly what you’re looking for.

No Line Lenses at Richardson Eye Associates

Traditional Bifocals vs. Progressive Lenses

Bifocals are designed to meet the special needs of a person with presbyopia. This condition, which commonly occurs after the age of 40, is the result of natural, age-related stiffening of the lenses of your eyes. The tiny muscles that flex your lenses to adjust focus range have more and more difficulty bringing near objects into focus. Bifocals solve this problem by placing a near vision segment in the lower half of the lens, allowing you to use that segment for reading and close work. Trifocals include an intermediate segment as well to help with mid-range focus.

Some people are less than fond of standard bifocals because of the jarring transition between corrective segments, as well as the inherent limitations of only having 2 or 3 corrective fields to choose from. Additionally, the presence of visible lines or segments makes it obvious to others that you're old enough to suffer from presbyopia.

No line lenses, also called progressive lenses, do away with these concerns. These lenses are made to offer many corrective fields in one smooth, unbroken transition from the top of the lens to the bottom.

Our Richardson Eye Doctor Can Fit You for No Line Lenses

If you've developed presbyopia, either eye doctor on our Richardson team can write the necessary prescription for multifocal lenses, which can then be used for the fabrication of no line lenses instead of standard bifocals or trifocals. We will take measurements to ensure that your progressive fields line up with your pupils perfectly. Once you have your new no line lenses, it may take you a while to get used to them, but most progressive lens wearers don't choose to go back to traditional bifocals.

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Are you looking for lenses that can correct for presbyopia while offering the natural visual experience of single-vision lenses? Call our Richardson optometry center at (972) 231-3439 to learn more about our no line lenses!


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