Family Eye Care

Regardless of age, eye care is a vital part of your family's overall health and wellness. Everyone in your family should see your eye doctor in Richardson, TX, annually for routine, comprehensive eye exams. When it comes to your family's eye care needs, the optometry staff at Richardson Eye Associates understands the importance of protecting your family's vision. 


Family Eye Care Services

Comprehensive eye exams are not just for adults. Those of any age benefit from regular visits with an optometrist. It is always best to find an optometrist who can treat the entire family. Taking your children to an optometrist specializing in pediatric vision care may be necessary for the treatment of certain conditions. 

Pediatric Optometry

When your child's vision starts to get blurry, they may begin to get frustrated in school and have trouble learning. Scheduling routine pediatric eye exams helps ensure your child sees clearly as possible. Regular pediatric eye exams also give our optometrist the opportunity to diagnose and address eye issues before they are allowed to develop. Do not let your child struggle in school or athletics by scheduling a pediatric eye exam with our optometrist. 

Adult Vision Care

Adult eye exams allow our eye doctor prescribe necessary corrective eyeglasses or contacts lenses. Our optometrist also screens for any diseases that affect the eyes. Routine eye exams can also help diagnose severe health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Even if your vision is clear, do not skip your routine eye exams because the eye doctor screens for more than just vision and eye conditions. 

Finding a Family Eye Care Specialist

When looking for a new optometrist, it is essential to ask questions to ensure the office can address the vision needs of everyone in your family. Here are some questions to ask when calling a new optometry office to schedule an appointment: 

  • Does the eye doctor treat children and work well with all ages? 
  • What insurance providers are accepted?
  • Is there a good assortment of eyewear for all ages? 
  • Are there appointments readily available?
  • Are there specialists on staff?

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometry Professionals in Richardson, TX

If you are looking for reliable family eye care in Richardson, TX, contact Richardson Eye Associates today. We have been providing Richardson residents with optometry services for many years. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, call us today at (972) 231-3439.


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