Family Eye Care

Introduction To Eye Care

You only have one set of eyes and when you have a vision problem, you want eye care that you can rely on. You want an eye doctor that can care for all of your vision needs from regular eye care to emergencies in one location. When you want an optometrist in Richardson that can treat everyone in your family, including your children, you should visit Richardson Eye Associates.


The Types of Eye Care We Offer

In addition to a full eye exam and vision screening, we offer other important services, such as contact lens care. We take special care with contact lens exams and fittings to ensure that you have the proper fit. During this process, we will measure your eyes, talk about your intended use for your contacts, and determine if you have any medical concerns that would affect your ability to wear contacts.

We also specialize in care for computer vision. We spend more and more time staring at some type of screen with our computers and mobile devices. This can cause eye fatigue and strain, headaches, and sensitivity to glare. We can prescribe special lenses and discuss techniques to help you avoid computer vision syndrome.

What's Involved During An Eye Care Visit

When you visit our office, you can expect the best care for you and everyone in your family, even if you need someone who specializes in pediatrics. We provide a comprehensive exam, which includes understanding your medical history and addressing any concerns you may have. You will also receive an extensive eye exam. During this exam, we will evaluate how well your eye is functioning, overall eye health, and your visual acuity. These exams help us detect problems that might otherwise be missed. If these conditions are not caught in time, they may cause permanent vision problems.

Why Choose Richardson Eye Associates

When you are considering a new optometrist and you live in the Richmond, TX area, visit Richardson Eye Associates for your next eye exam. Our mission is to provide our patients with the best eye care possible. We believe that every patient is important and has their own unique needs. We will create a plan based on your personal needs and explain every step of the process along the way. Call us today at 972-231-3439 to schedule an appointment.

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