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Contact Lens Options for Dry Eyes at Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX

Even the best-fitting contact lenses can take some getting used, especially if you've never worn contacts before but if your eyes are constantly red, itchy, and irritated when you wear contacts, you may suffer from dry eye related to the lenses in question. The good news is that some contact lenses are designed to minimize this annoying, potentially damaging problem. Here at Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, we can provide you with contact lens options that won't cause dry eye.

Woman putting on a contact lens The Relationship Between Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes

Many different conditions and situations can leave people with irritated, dry eyes. Some are predisposed to dry eye syndrome due to medical conditions or age, while in others, lifestyle practices and medications can be the culprit. But some people experience dry eye specifically because of the contact lenses they're using. Long-term contact lens usage has been associated with dry eye in up to one-half of all contact lens wearers, so you're certainly not alone if you're experiencing this issue. Dry eye symptoms include not only redness, itching, and the feeling that something gritty is in your eye. You may also suffer from blurred vision.

Don't talk yourself into "toughing it out" and waiting for your contact lens experience to get better on its own. If your condition continues or gets worse, you could be exposing your corneas to abrasions and ulceration. 

How Specialized Contact Lenses Can Help

Just because your current pair of contact lenses are giving you dry eye, that's no reason to assume that you're stuck with eyeglasses or other corrective measures. Our optometry clinic can suggest specialized contacts that can give you all the visual acuity you need with none of the irritating dryness. Options worth considering may include:

  • Soft contacts made of hydrogel - This lens material contains water, preventing the eye from drying out. Silicon hydrogel lenses offer extra effectiveness due to their enhanced ability to prevent evaporation.
  • High water-content lenses - Some moisture-retaining contacts offer an especially high water level, ensuring maximum comfort for dry eye sufferers who aren't satisfied with other hydrogel options.

We may find that switching you to a different kind of contact lens solution brings you great relief.

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