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As people age, the incidence of cataracts is increasing. Half of the individuals who are at least 75 develop them. Although there is no specific way to prevent them, patients in the Richardson, TX, area can help protect their vision. Undergoing regular vision exams with our doctors of optometry at Richardson Eye Associates can reveal cataract development and other eye problems.


Symptoms of Cataracts

While a cataract can develop in only one eye, most patients experience them in both eyes. Vision with cataracts becomes cloudy and deteriorates as protein accumulates on the lens of the affected eye. Night driving, perceiving faces clearly, and reading often become difficult.

A cataract diagnosis often surprises many of our patients because the condition grows so subtle that it does not cause disturbances in vision at first.

Along with vision loss, these common symptoms can occur:

  • Vision that is cloudy, dim, or blurry
  • Fading or yellowing of colors
  • The appearance of halos surrounding lights
  • Changes in corrective lens prescriptions
  • Sensitivity to light and glare
  • Double vision in an eye
  • Trouble seeing after dark
  • Need for brighter light for close activities

Cataract Risk Factors

  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Excess weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Certain disorders such as diabetes
  • Past eye inflammation or injury
  • Prolonged corticosteroid use
  • Past eye surgery
  • Sunlight overexposure

Optometry Treatments Our Doctors Offer

The most appropriate treatment for cataracts depends on how much these protein deposits are interfering with vision. When the effect is still mild, treatment from our optometry practice is often regular monitoring. 

At a monitoring appointment, a patient typically undergoes eye pressure measurement, color and glare sensitivity tests, and refractive testing of each eye. Our doctors also evaluate each retina and lens and measure visual acuity.

Sometimes prescribed eye drops slow the growth of cataracts. Many patients benefit from corrective eyewear with special lens coatings.

The only way to eliminate a cataract is the removal of the lens on which it grows. When a cataract sufficiently interferes with daily activities, surgery is the next step. We maintain a close relationship with surgeons who can remove the affected lens and insert an artificial one in its place.

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Be proactive about protecting your vision by scheduling regular exams at Richardson Eye Associates. Our Richardson, TX, optometrists are here to help with vision needs that range from corrective eyewear to conditions such as cataracts. Call us today at (972) 231-3439 to schedule an appointment for your next exam.


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