Disposable Contact Lenses

If you've never had contact lenses before, the idea of simply tossing your lenses into the trash at the end of the day might sound astonishing, but for countless wearers of disposable contact lenses, this approach makes a great deal of sense, offering both convenience and health benefits. Here at Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson TX, we can help you consider your available contact lens options, including disposable lenses, so you can enjoy the best possible visual clarity, comfort, and practicality.

Advantages of Disposable Contact Lenses

The term "disposable" can be applied to any pair of contact lenses that are meant to be thrown away after a certain period of time. Some disposable contact lenses are only meant to be worn for one day, while others may be worn for several days in a row before they need to be thrown away.

Disposable contact lenses can actually offer some distinct advantages over "permanent" contacts under certain circumstances. For instance, re-usable contacts must be carefully sterilized and stored to minimize the possibility of eye infection or irritation. Some contact lens wearers may feel that this necessary process is too much trouble, while others may simply not have time or may be prone to forgetting their contact lens hygiene. Disposable lenses which are only worn once never have to be kept up with in this manner.

Even when you have the time and dedication to clean your contacts, your eyes may require a more sterile environment than you can realistically manage. If you suffer from giant papillary conjunctivitis or eye allergies, you may find that even small traces of proteins or allergens on your contacts cause severe eye irritation. This might make you a good candidate for disposable lenses.

Our Contact Lens Exam Helps You Make the Right Selection

Contact lens selection at Richardson Eye Associates always starts with a contact lens exam. We can examine your eyes and your corrective prescription to determine whether disposable contacts make sense for you, or whether you need the stronger, more precise corrective options offered by gas permeable lenses. If you have a relatively mild or simple refractive error, there's a good chance that disposable contacts will make an ideal choice for your needs.

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