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Your Doctor of Optometry Can Help You with Computer Vision Syndrome

Do you spend eight, ten, twelve, or even more hours a day staring at a computer screen or your phone? Do you have eye problems when you do? Doctors of Optometry Henry Krauss, Jr. and Scott Harris at Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, want you to know about an astonishingly simple and effective method for dealing with computer-related eye strain.


How can my Doctor of Optometry tell if I have computer-related eye problems?

There is a common list of symptoms that come with spending too much time in front of flat digital screens:

  • Blurry vision.
  • Burning, sore, tired, or itching eyes.
  • Difficulty staying mentally focused.
  • Dry eyes. (It is counterintuitive, but one of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be watery eyes.)
  • Feeling that you just cannot keep your eyes open at the end of the day.
  • Headache and neck aches. These headaches are more likely to be the dull, throbbing kind rather than migraine.
  • Increased sensitivity to bright lights, especially when you first go outside.
  • Sore back, neck, and shoulders.

The excess of blue light emitted by digital screens further exacerbates the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Blue light, or high energy visible (HEV) light, has been found to have a marked negative impact on the health of someone’s eyes.

Your Doctor of Optometry has an answer for digital eye syndrome.

It's always nice when you can take a break from your digital connections to give your eyes a break, but sometimes work does not permit enough downtime to make a real difference. Your Doctor of Optometry can offer you the next best thing, blue-light filtering glasses. These eyeglasses filter out the majority of the HEV light emitted by digital screens. They will also help your eyes feel more relaxed and reduce the amount of eyestrain you suffer from throughout the day.

See Your Eye Doctors at Richardson Eye Associates for Computer Vision Relief

It's possible to get blue-light blocking glasses over the counter and at sporting goods stores, but their products come with lenses that look yellow. Your Doctors of Optometry at Richardson Eye Associates can prescribe glasses that block blue light without giving you an unfashionable look. Request an appointment online or call us at (972) 231-3439. Our offices are located at 660 West Campbell Road, Suite 102, Richardson, TX 75080.   


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