RF Dry Eye Treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) Therapy for Dry Eyes

Radiofrequency (RF) treatment employs targeted energy waves to address dry eyes. This energy heats the glands in your eyelids, unclogging them so they can release the oil necessary to keep your eyes moist throughout the day. While this treatment may not be effective for everyone, it has been known to alleviate some of the most severe symptoms of this common condition. If you're seeking an eye doctor who can provide you with the treatment you need, it's beneficial to work with a staff well-versed in the procedures. At Richardson Eye Associates, we offer radiofrequency (RF) treatment for dry eyes. 

Dry eye treatment

Treating Dry Eye

When we think about dry eyes, we often associate them with water, but your eyes require more than just saline and H2O to stay healthy. The meibomian gland, located at the edge of the eyelid, is responsible for releasing the oil that blends with tears. When this process functions correctly, you won't need to constantly blink or squint during daily activities, such as driving or chopping vegetables.

For many people with dry eyes, this gland can become clogged for various reasons, including factors like bacteria or air pollution. (RF) Radiofrequency therapy is an eye care approach that unclogs these glands, promoting clear vision. It is not painful and is a relatively quick procedure. With this form of heat therapy, the oil in the gland is thinned, breaking it up so that the body can naturally release the oil.

If you're considering RF treatment, it may be because temporary measures, such as over-the-counter eye drops or prescription eye drops, are no longer effective for you. Perhaps you're seeking a more long-lasting solution in general. Regardless of your reasons, an optometrist can emphasize the importance of taking action when it comes to managing your dry eyes.

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A skilled optometrist understands that dry eyes are more than just a minor inconvenience. While it may not be the most severe of conditions, it can quickly become more problematic when you're on the road or in the middle of crucial work tasks. If you're searching for an eye doctor near you that goes the extra mile, contact Richardson Eye Associates to learn more about what RF therapy involves and why many patients choose it to alleviate their dry eye symptoms.


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