Low Vision

What to Know About Low Vision Treatment Provided by a Richardson, TX Optometrist

Often, people say they're blind but actually have a condition known as low vision. It can affect their ability to drive and perform other tasks that others with a higher visual acuity can do. It's vital to understand what low vision is as well as your options for corrective measures. At Richardson Eye Associates, serving Richardson, TX and the general vicinity, we provide routine eye care, visual acuity testing, and perform other evaluations to diagnose low vision and find the underlying cause.

About Low Vision

About Low Vision

Patients who have low vision have a visual acuity of 20/70 or worse with corrective eye wear. It's based on the eye you have the better visual acuity in. You may also have low vision if you have a restricted field of vision of 20 degrees or less. Therefore, your vision deficit may classify as low vision if you have tunnel vision. Even blinds spots could mean you have low vision since it affects your visual field.

Causes of Low Vision

Although low vision is more common in adults, children may experience it due to a birth defect or injury. In many cases, adults have low vision because of an eye disease like cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy. Sometimes, heredity plays a role and so does an eye injury.

Diagnosing Low Vision

If you notice you're having difficulty performing your daily tasks, even when using corrective eyewear, as a result of your vision, our optometry specialists advise you to come in for an eye care examination. Early intervention leads to the best prognosis because certain eye problems can only be treated in their early stages.

The first part of your exam consists of our optometrist evaluating your visual acuity. During this portion of your evaluation, our optometrist has you look into lenses, and you read the lines of letters you see. Based on the results, our eye doctor can detect a vision deficit and determine the degree.

You'll also undergo other testing during your exam, such as a pressure test that can help diagnose glaucoma. Our optometrist looks into your eyes using a specialized magnifying device to look inside of your eye.

Treating Low Vision

We treat the underlying condition first. For instance, this might mean we refer you to a surgeon to remove a cataract, or you may need medication or another treatment to manage the condition. We may also recommend you see an eye surgeon to correct the deficit or even see a specialist to manage the cause.

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