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Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX cares about the health in children’s eyes. Vision problems can affect a child's ability to learn and understand the world around them.  Therefore, it is very important to bring your child in for an eye exam. By bringing them in as early as possible, as soon as when your child hit a toddler age, makes it easier for us eye doctors to detect any problems with your child’s eyes. Establishing a relationship with a family eye doctor in our eye care center early will help the child feel comfortable.  It will make future exams easier and there will be a sense of familiarity in case of an eye emergency. Coming in annually will also help our office track eye health and vision changes.  

Getting Ready for the Eye Exam

Some children will feel anxiety during their appointments, so it is best to talk about what to expect.  Perhaps your child could tag along to one of your exams or visit our office in advance to see how everything works.  Let your child know how an exam works and let them ask any questions that they may have.  This will help the appointment go more smoothly and allow the optometrist to perform a thorough exam, and give tips for proper eye care.

Parents should be prepare to bring in any necessary documents to the eye exam. Bring your insurance card and any vision tests that your child may have done at school or at your child's pediatrician's office.  Make a list of any questions or concerns that you may have about your child's vision as well.  The more information our optometrist has, the better.  

Know that our entire staff will do everything they can to make your child feel comfortable and have a positive experience.  Also, we offer a wide selection of frames and options for contact lenses if your child needs corrective action.  We can offer advice on how to keep your child's eyes healthy and safe.  Let the pediatric eye doctor know if your child participates in any activities that could pose a safety hazard to their eyes.  The optometrist will have some tips to stay safe and advice to follow if there ever is an eye emergency.

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