Pediatric Eye Exams

pediatric eye exam

It is important for parents to make certain that they provide their children with the proper eye care. Beginning at age 6, which is when children begin to go to school, they need pediatric eye exams. At Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, our optometry team provides thorough pediatric eye exams. We will correct any issues with your child’s eyes or vision. Our goal is to keep your child’s eye health and vision at their best. 

What to Expect from a Pediatric Eye Exam

Your child's vision will be checked to see how well he or she can see. The eye exam will be similar to an adult's, but at a child's level. Shapes may be used instead of an eye chart, for example. A test will be done to check your child's eye movement as well. The pupils can also be checked to see how they respond to light. Your child's peripheral vision will also be checked during this exam. Our optometrist will look at your child's eye, the eyelid, lens, and cornea. We might also dilate your child's eyes during this exam. The dilation of the eyes allows our eye doctor to see the back of your child's eyes. It is important during this exam for our optometry team to know how well your child sees at certain distances. This information will determine if your child needs glasses. 

Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Scheduling pediatric eye exams will help give your child the best eyesight possible. Early learning is done mostly with visual aids, so the best eyesight is paramount. Parents want their children to have all of the advantages possible to be successful in school and in life, so providing the best eye care is a major factor for every child. A child needs to have eyes that are healthy and that are able to focus for the best learning experience. Children that are able to see well are more inclined to read and to have a better classroom experience.

Poor eyesight can lead to learning disabilities and lower grades. Since poor vision can also be frustrating, it may lead to behavioral issues in children, as well.

Visit Our Optometry Team in Richardson, TX for Pediatric Eye Exams

In order to keep your child’s vision at its best, your child will need routine eye exams. At Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, our team will determine if your child has eye health issues or needs vision correction. We provide a warm, welcoming environment, so eye exams are not scary for kids. Call us today to schedule an appointment.  


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