Glaucoma Services from Your Optometrist in Richardson, TX

As glaucoma progresses, it can cause patients to lose their sight.  Our Richardson Eye Associates optometrist provides screenings for this eye disease.  Our practice recommends a customized treatment plan for each patient we diagnose with this condition.

Woman getting tested for glaucoma.

Causes of Glaucoma

This disease is the result of excess pressure from fluid within the eye that negatively affects the optic nerve.  When the aqueous humor in front of an eye does not circulate properly, pressure rises.  Some individuals have a genetic predisposition. Other possible causes are injury from a chemical or a force, certain inflammatory disorders, blocked blood vessels, and infections.  In rare instances, surgery not connected to this condition could cause it to develop.

Overview of This Condition

This disease typically occurs in both eyes but is sometimes more severe in one.  The objective of our eye doctor is preserving the maximum amount sight of each patient with the disorder. Our doctor notes that the primary kinds of glaucoma are angle-closure and open-angle, which is far more prevalent.  The reason for inadequate eye drainage is the distinction between the two types.

While this disorder sometimes occurs in infancy, it typically appears after age 40.  African-Americans experience an elevated risk coupled with earlier disease onset plus a more significant loss of vision.  Other groups with above-average risk include those with Japanese, Irish, Hispanic, Russian, Inuit, or Scandinavian ancestry.  Additional risk factors include having poor sight, being diabetic, undergoing previous eye trauma, or taking corticosteroids. A diagnosis takes many patients by surprise because they have shown no symptoms.  Often signs only appear once the disease has progressed to an advanced stage.

The first sign is usually a loss of peripheral vision.  Once pressure in the eye has reached a severe level, patients might experience symptoms such as blurred vision, sudden pain, or headaches.  Ocular pain, seeing halos surrounding lights, nausea, vomiting, vision loss, redness, and eyes that look clouded are emergency symptoms.

Treatment Options from Our Eye Doctor

Getting and maintaining control of this eye disease requires three things.  Patients must experience early detection, get treated promptly, and undergo regular monitoring by our eye doctor.  

Diagnosis results from a comprehensive eye exam that includes specific tests.  Treatment options include drops, other medication, and glasses to correct vision.  For some individuals, traditional or laser surgery to lower eye pressure is appropriate. Our optometrist can also suggest assistive technology to boost visual capability.  Some of the most common items include colored lenses, magnifying devices, and a text enlarger for computers. Managing this disease is particularly important since there is no way to cure it.  Maintaining control of eye pressure sometimes halts or slows optic nerve damage.

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Help protect yourself against loss of sight from glaucoma with regular exams from our Richardson Eye Associates optometrist.  We offer a full range of eye and vision services built on personalized care and professional expertise.  Call us today at (972) 231-3439 to schedule an appointment.


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