Smoking and Eye Health

You know that smoking has many negative health effects. However, you may be surprised to learn that it can also negatively impact your vision. At Richardson Eye Associates in Richardson, TX, we provide eye care services to give our patients the best vision possible. 

Smoking and Eye Health

Age Related Macular Degeneration 

Age related macular degeneration occurs when the macula deteriorates with age. The macula is part of the retina. It's responsible for your vision when you look straight ahead. 

Smoking increases the risk of developing macular degeneration Those who live with someone who smokes might also be more likely to develop macular degeneration than those who aren't exposed to smoking. 


If you smoke, you be at a greater risk of developing cataracts as nonsmokers. Cataracts cause a cloudy film to form on the lens of the eye. Aging causes the lens to be less flexible and thicker. Medical conditions or aging can cause proteins in the eye to break down. These proteins stick on the lens, which causes it to become cloudy. 

Eventually, it affects your vision. It prevents the light from coming through the lens properly because it scatters the light. This will cause your vision to become blurry. 

Dry Eye 

Smokers might have a greater risk then nonsmokers of developing dry eye. This occurs because cigarette smoke may act as an irritant. It may also break down a portion of the tear film, which leads to dry eye. 

The body makes tears to lubricate the eyes. Dry eye occurs when the eyes don't produce enough natural tears, or the tears don't have the proper composition. 

In addition to dryness, the symptoms of dry eye include redness, eye irritation, a gritty feeling, and a stinging sensation. 


The more cigarettes you smoke, the greater your chance may be of developing glaucoma.

Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure in the eye. This damages the optic nerve. This eventually leads to vision loss and pain. You may not notice any vision changes at first.

Over time, your side vision will become poor. Glaucoma can cause blindness without proper treatment. 

Preserving Your Eye Health 

Regular eye exams can also help preserve your vision. An optometrist on our team can identify any eye conditions early, when they are most treatable. 

Care for Your Eye Health with Us at Richardson Eye Associates

If you are concerned about the effects of smoking on your eye health in Richardson, TX, contact Richardson Eye Associates. Our services include contacts, glasses, eye exams, eye disease management, and more. Call us at (972) 231-3439 for more information.


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