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At Richardson Eye Associates, we provide optometry and eye care services. Many people equate this with checking your eyes and giving you a prescription for glasses or contacts as need. However, optometry services extend far beyond that. We are also able to treat many eye conditions, including dry eye and pink eye. Pink eye is a common condition that you or your children may experience at some point in your lives. 


How You Catch Pink Eye

There are two different types of pink eye: viral conjunctivitis and bacterial conjunctivitis. Both types of pink eye are very contagious and can be spread relatively easily. The most common way that bacterial pink eye is spread is through human contact. If someone has pink eye and they rub their eye, the germs or bacteria can be spread to you if you touch their hand or touch something they have touched, and then rub or touch your eyes. Viral pink eye is caused by viruses that cause colds. As such, someone can sneeze or cough and spread the germs. 

The Signs of Pink Eye

The signs of pink eye can vary slightly based on whether you have viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. Both types of pink eye are itchy, will make your eyes red and can make your eyes swollen. They also both have a discharge associated with them, though the discharge can vary. Viral conjunctivitis tends to have a waterier discharge. Unfortunately, many people mistake viral pink eye for allergies at first, due to the watery discharge. Bacterial conjunctivitis has a more pus-like or gunky build-up. You may close your eyes and wake up with a heavy crust or build-up around your eyes due to this type of pink eye. 

Why You Need Professional Care For Pink Eye

Viral pink eye will usually clear up on its own. Bacterial pink eye will not clear on its own and may worsen if left untreated. A professional can help you to determine what type of pink eye you have, and what type of treatment you need. If you are suffering from bacterial pink eye, antibiotic eye drops are needed to clear up the bacteria. 

Suspect You Have Pink Eye? Schedule an Appointment to Get Treated Today!

At Richardson Eye Associates, located in Richardson, TX., we are dedicated to help you with all your optometry and eye care needs, including treating conditions such as pink eye. Pink eye is highly contagious, so you should make an appointment to treat the condition as soon as you suspect you have it. Our staff can take a look, diagnose you and prescribe you with eye drops to help clear up the condition and help you get back to your normal life. 


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