Vision Therapy

You might think that glasses, contacts, and surgery are the only real methods for improving your vision. However, optometrists have other tools at their disposal as well, including vision therapy. By using this treatment method, a vision therapist can work with you to help improve your vision, visual comfort, and other eye issues. Are you looking for a visual therapist in Richardson, TX? Contact one of our optometrists at Richardson Eye Associates to learn more about the benefits of vision therapy.


What is Vision Therapy?

Orthoptic vision therapy refers to exercises that are performed frequently, often over several months. These exercises have been designed by optometrists and other vision experts to help address issues with sight. The exercises can help with binocular functions and improve your ability to see, focus on objects, and track moving objects. Vision therapy generally doesn’t replace the need for glasses, should you need them. However, it can improve your vision, eye health, and other things. Various prisms, filters, and patches are used as well.

A vision therapist can teach you how to perform various exercises. Once you know how to do the exercises and get in some practice with an optometrist, you can start performing your eye workout at home. However, like most forms of exercise, consistency is the key. A few minutes per month simply won’t be enough. Instead, you need to work out regularly on at least a weekly basis.

Is Vision Therapy Right for You?

So, does vision therapy work? Many optometrists agree that it is a useful tool and can be beneficial for many patients. However, each patients’ needs will differ. You need to speak with a vision therapist or an optometrist to discuss which exercises might be right for you.

Also, some conditions are not treatable with this type of eye therapy. So far, there is no conclusive evidence that vision therapy can reduce or slow the onset of myopia, or nearsightedness, for example. If you suffer from this condition, you’ll likely need glasses or another form of treatment. If you are suffering from vision-related issues, make sure you talk with one of our optometrists in Richardson, TX.

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Is vision therapy right for you? That depends on the vision issues you’re facing. If you live in or around Richardson, TX, call the optometrists at Richardson Eye Associates today at 972-231-3439 to schedule an appointment. We will perform a thorough eye examination and determine if vision therapy is the right fit for you.

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